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Flickr Explore – Randomness, whoring & Likes – Discuss

Flickr Explore, what’s it all about ?

Let’s be clear from the outset, I don’t take pictures for other people (out with family snaps etc.). I’m not really intending to foist my images on the world and bask in admiration. I know I’m no Ansel Adams or David Bailey. I’m no artist, I’m a film shooting geek who likes the tech and part of that is getting a good image. And whilst I do like most folk enjoy feedback, I’m find the obsession to some around Explore a bit odd. Continue reading Flickr Explore – Randomness, whoring & Likes – Discuss


The Poundland Camera Challenge

I’ve decided to set myself a wee challenge this year and buy a camera a month for the price of a Roll of film or less from my favourite discount film supplier (hence the Poundland  challenge). Although the first camera to arrive is the Halina Speedy 33 shown below I’ve actually been able to get one of the last Olympus film compacts for 99p as well and just missed out on a Classic Mamiya 4b rangefinder from the 60’s (knocked out by £1.20 with 4 seconds to go)

Attack of the clones II

Continue reading The Poundland Camera Challenge

Goko UF Review : Universal Focus Plastic Flashtic

Goko UF
Goko UF

This year I managed to pick up a Goko UF a pretty rare fixed focus plastic flash shooter with a patented Universal Focus system which promises the ability to remain in focus both near and far.

But how does that work in practice and with a camera with a fixed aperture ? Continue reading Goko UF Review : Universal Focus Plastic Flashtic