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Yup yet another camera blog I’m afraid in these days of austerity.

I’ve a growing love of the often neglected Point & Shoot cameras that we all used in the 70’s and 80’s before the arrival of auto-focus and later digital. Like most folk I left my film cameras to moulder and graduated onto digital but in recent years I’ve discovered the lost art of shooting film which you can still do pretty cheaply and with cracking cameras for less than a fiver. In fact there has never been a cheaper time to get back in with £1 films and cheap processing despite the on going credit crunch.

I don’t claim to be the next Vivien Maier and this blog ain’t about me lording my shots but hopefully will be of some help to folk who wanna know more about some of the cameras, film etc I use. Feel free to drop in chat, comment and critique but play nice

I have lived and worked on both sides of the Scottish/English border and a lot of my shots reflect this

10 thoughts on “About this Blog”

  1. I really like what your doing here!
    I run a blog called 35mmc, you were mentioned in the comments there so thought I’d get in touch.
    I’m wondering if you might be up for doing a guest post on my site?
    More than happy (in fact id encourage it) for you to link back to content here etc.
    email me

  2. I stumbled across your blog thanks to the google engine and a hunt for more information about some of the cameras you’ve featured. Thanks for taking the time to do this! Your writing is entertaining and informative, and very helpful to a photographer getting back into film after a couple decades.

  3. Hi,
    I recently read your discussion with someone about hyperfocal distances and circles of confusion and whatnot about the Pen EE. It was very interesting, but made my head spin as I’m not experienced with these things. I’m trying to get some info about the hyperfocal distances at the various apertures for the PEN EES-2. Do you know how or where I can find that kind of information?


    1. Hi Daniel – it was a pretty intense discussion wasn’t it.

      Good question re hyperfocal distance. There is a calculator over at http://www.outsight.com/hyperfocal.php which if you calculate the 35mm full frame equivalent lens size of 39.2mm for the EE-2 would suggest ~15ft for f/11 and ~10ft for f/16 . Now these apertures will be the likely spread for EV100 12-15 and I certainly feel the camera has a sweet spot around 5m

      remember the focal point ain’t moving here and that hyperfocal distance is not the same as depth of field (it is an example of it but not all lens setting will meet hyperfocal distance and the trip will likely fail at wider apertures to do so)

  4. I discovered lomography, lomo cameras, toy cameras just 2 days ago and your website has been a great source of information on cheap film camera. The Mju 1 was my go to camera back in the day (early 90’s), but I have ordered a DIY Recesky TLR and I am about to pull the trigger on either a Pentax Pino 35, a Halina MW35G or a Ilford Sportsman. Thanks again for this website.

  5. Love your blog so much!

    I have started a 35mm photo project, which is bringing together 35mm film self portraits, so we can see the people behind the camera. (http://www.weonlyspokeonce.com/)

    Would be cool if you submitted a photo! At the moment they are just posted on instagram, but I plan to exhibit them all together and maybe print them in a photo book.

    All the best,

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Shooting Film on the cheap on the Border in Credit Crunch Britain