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Feeling the need to launch your creative spirit and have something to say about the world of film photography ?  Well here’s your chance ! We’re happy to have guest authors here and even if the though of laying out a post and typesetting sounds scary – I’m happy to help. I can even work from a rough text file and add your shots in if you’re struggling.

This a personal blog and never set out to make money. Advertising income in 2017 finally paid for hosting costs – the first time in 4 years. So sorry I can’t pay you except in Kudos.

However your content remains your copyright – so you can re-use elsewhere if you want. The deal is that if you get content published here, you give me the right to use what is published here (text and images) on this and any media related to this site in perpetuity. Which is fair enough. Any text or images you look at using has to be your own work or given with explicit permission of the copyright holder including being used on a 3rd party site.

Telescoping the view
Whitby, 10th July 2015. Lomo LC-A with Ilford XP2.

You’ll get fully credited. I’m also happy to  link to your site (as long as it’s not a dubious one) from your article. A couple of good examples are Hamish Gill from 35mmc and Dan James from 35Hunter whom have contributed here. I’m also happy to contribute to your Blog or site in return (my posts at 35mmc are good examples.

If you’re interested let me know using the form at the bottom.

We like new products !

If you’re launching a film product and think I might be a helpful point of coverage for you let me know via the form too.  I’d retain my own views on a product but am happy to give column inches especially if you let me test it !!

Other Questions !

If you have any questions relating to a post on this site use the comments section on that page.  That’s the best place to post if you disagree or agree, pick up any errors or have any other  comments.  Otherwise if you wish to contact me for another matter relating to this site but be aware

(1) It’s not for sale and I’m not open to any discussions about that.
(2) I have a very happy advertising arrangement.  I don’t care if you think I could get a better deal with you

Shooting Film on the cheap on the Border in Credit Crunch Britain