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35mm is the most widely available camera film type in the 21st century and is also used to describe cameras by the film they take

Modding a Bencini Koroll 24s to shoot 35mm

Medium Format Cone
Medium Format Cone

The Bencini Koroll 24s is not only a cool, vintage 50’s 120 roll film camera but also perhaps the easiest to mod to use 35mm film.

That’s because a 35mm film canister fits snugly and as it’s film plane is flat there are no issues re focus unlike cameras like the Agfa Isoly I or Halina 6-4 Continue reading Modding a Bencini Koroll 24s to shoot 35mm

Yet another Olympus Trip 35 Review

Okay I suspect the dog and his dinner has blogged about the Trip 35 but it feels like a right of passage for a camera blog and what the heck I love it.

This little design classic arrived in the Mid 60’s and set the standard for Point & Shoot (P&S) camera right into the 80s. The classic styling is married to an excellent sharp  Zuiko lens and a simple but effective metering system. That meter is driven by the selenium array (the glass bubbly bit) around the lens. This means no batteries ever required.

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