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Film processing used for most film (colour negatives). It is also the processing used for a limited number of chromogenic black and white films. AkA C-41 or CN-16

Truprint FG+ : Expired vividness

Truprint FG+
Truprint FG+

You’ve probably never heard of Truprint FG+ film. This once freebie given away in the UK by the postal photolab company Truprint is an absolute corker and in my opinion produces a vividness bordering on what you tend to get with Cross processing slide film. Continue reading Truprint FG+ : Expired vividness


Kodak BW400CN Review : The Long Goodbye

Dusk Filaments
Smena 8m Dumfries 2014

In August this Year Kodak Alaris announced the effective death of my favourite B&W film BW400CN.

This is a bit of an unusual B&W film in that it is meant to be developed in the same way that colour negative film (C41) at any photo lab. This is handy if you want to try out shooting  B&W as you can have your films processed cheaply and anywhere. Continue reading Kodak BW400CN Review : The Long Goodbye