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K-mount Lens carnage with the infamous Ricoh Pin

I almost goofed badly when selling a lens. I’d picked up a Ricoh KR-5 Super with a few lens for relative peanuts but decided to sell on a Tokina 25-70mm lens as I already had a Pentax SMC KA zoom of similar length. It was only at the last minute I twigged the lens had the infamous Ricoh Pin issue. If you shoot with Pentax  K mount cameras then it’s one you’ll want to know about. Continue reading K-mount Lens carnage with the infamous Ricoh Pin


110 film – A miniature resurrection ?

One of the oddities of film in recent years has been the re-birth of the 110 film format.

Halina Micro 110
A loaded Halina Micro 110. Probably the smallest mass produced standard film format camera. with a decimal UK 2p for comparison

This quirky easy load camera system has new cameras from the likes of Lomography and Superheadz as well as a massive amount of second hand stuff out there. But should you bother ? Continue reading 110 film – A miniature resurrection ?

How do you define Lomo & Lomography ?

The terms Lomo and Lomography get banded around and are used interchangeably and mean different things to different people. I’ve had to think about this more recently as I’ve taken over moderating Lomography for non-snobs group on Flickr and have had to make decisions about what is a Lomography shot or not.

Live wire
Taken on a Lomo LC-A using Cross processed Lomography Xpro 200. But is it a Lomo shot ?

Continue reading How do you define Lomo & Lomography ?

5 Alternatives to a Box Brownie

Papa's got a brand new pre war box
Kodak Brownie No 2

If you’ve read my review you’ll understand that I’m a big fan of the Kodak’s Box Brownie No 2.

This design classic not only is one of the series of simple cheap cameras that helped launch the idea of taking photos to everyone but also gave us 120 roll film.

Millions were made from its launch in 1901 and you can buy a working one for just £1 with luck on eBay. But what alternatives exist for fun basic shooting with a simple box ? Continue reading 5 Alternatives to a Box Brownie

Flickr Explore – Randomness, whoring & Likes – Discuss

Flickr Explore, what’s it all about ?

Let’s be clear from the outset, I don’t take pictures for other people (out with family snaps etc.). I’m not really intending to foist my images on the world and bask in admiration. I know I’m no Ansel Adams or David Bailey. I’m no artist, I’m a film shooting geek who likes the tech and part of that is getting a good image. And whilst I do like most folk enjoy feedback, I’m find the obsession to some around Explore a bit odd. Continue reading Flickr Explore – Randomness, whoring & Likes – Discuss

The Poundland Camera Challenge

I’ve decided to set myself a wee challenge this year and buy a camera a month for the price of a Roll of film or less from my favourite discount film supplier (hence the Poundland  challenge). Although the first camera to arrive is the Halina Speedy 33 shown below I’ve actually been able to get one of the last Olympus film compacts for 99p as well and just missed out on a Classic Mamiya 4b rangefinder from the 60’s (knocked out by £1.20 with 4 seconds to go)

Attack of the clones II

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