Apols again as a tad behind once more. Much better week and these are some food for thought (just check for motor oil first ! As well as food we’ll see some classic cameras from the 60’s and 80’s. A great but cheap lens and a few films you might wanna know better. There also some potential storm clouds in developing land too.

Tetenal to stay or go  ?

PetaPixel picks up on the woes of this major photochemical supplier which might have implications beyond its own demise. But there may be a knight in shining armour in the form of you ….

Instant appeel

 Impossible have not long finished saving Polaroid integral film and cameras and bringing them back to market with gusto. Now one of their Founders sets out to bring back instant peel apart film which sadly demised when Fujifilm stopped making FP films in 2016. You can back it on kickstarter.

Food Hacks

Petapixel picks up on some simple tricks if you’re into food photography from using motor oil instead of syrup to using glue instead of milk as it doesn’t make cereal soggy. Bon Appétit !

Automagic for the people

Mike Eckman reviews one of my favourite sleeper cameras the Fujica 35 Automagic 35. See how he found it and what rating he gave it.

Helios Rising

Dan James has switched effortlessly back and forth between film and digital shooting. But there is one constant for both – the mighty  Helios-44-2 a fantastic M42 mount lens you can still get for peanuts. read more at 35Hunter

Expired Sliding

Blogger get gets expired slide film roll from other blogger. What could go wrong ? Not very much actually !! Jim Grey (Down the Road) takes a walk on the expired side with some Fujifilm Provia 400X.


John Margetts takes us on a tour of the FED35A, a 1980’s soviet take on the Konica C35. A close relative of the Mikron 2 and the FED50, this is worth a look for a soviet take on the compact rangefinder that was intended for their domestic market.

Pro Shooting

Josh Solomon at Casual Photophile takes us on a very balanced journey with Fujifilm Pro 400H a pro level C-41 film. He finds much to be happy with but also a few issues.

And what I learned this week

A 62mm clip on fits the 75mm standard lens that comes with the Lomography Diana Instant Square. I also learned later that the camera does come with a push on cap, it’s just a bit hidden in the packaging ! Doh !

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