So with Christmas less than a week away, time for some literally out of this world photos and other worldy camera reviews. Also some tips on shooting instant, changes in Kodak backing paper and build your own Leica !.

Merry Christmas !

Space, The Iconic Recreation

This Friday sees the 50 year anniversary of the groundbreaking Apollo 8 flight. Not only was the first time that man had left Earth and orbited another celestial body. It’s also known for the iconic Earthrise shot taken on Christmas Eve.

Earthrise, Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on December 24, 1968. Image proviide by NASA and is in Public Domain

It wasn’t a planned shot but PetaPIxel have made a video showing in real time how one of the photos of last century was taken (and almost missed).

Instant Gratification

Lomography come up with some arty ways to use your instant camera

The Lynx Effect

Much of the fuss about Yashica has been focused on the recent Y35. But it’s easy to forget they were once the masters of the fixed lens Rangefinder. Over at 35mmc Andy Larner gives us a tour of his Lynx-14.

Brick Built

A bit too late for Xmas but here’s your chance to create a Leica M out of Lego. If you live in Miami you can pre-order the kit but this links to guides telling you the parts you need and can order from Lego.

Second time Around

John from Fogdog once had a Nikon FE2, which he loved but sold to get a F2. He’s kinda regretted that decision ever since. See how he gets on when he manages to get his hands on a recently CLA’d FE2.

Hi- Flash

Mark O’Brien of Random Camera blog took home a potentially dud camera from FPP’s school project. Luckily for us the camera worked. Here he takes us around that camera, one of Minolta’s earlier AF compacts the Hi-matic AF2.

Backing Change ?

Johnny Martyr noticed that some new Kodak 120 rolls seemed to have a different, shiny backing paper. He managed to catch with an old Friend who worked for Kodak and was able to shed some light on this.

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