Since last week there’s been a lot of stuff out their that’s worth a glance. Here are 7 of the more interesting blog and news post covering cameras, film and a few hacks you might need

It’s not just me

Jim Grey has issues with his XA2 over at Down the road. That’s a relief as I was starting to think it was just me. A good balanced opinon.

Filter Free !

Got  a stuck Filter ? Don’t get the power tools out just yet ! PetaPixel has cheeky little hack that involves a cheap trip to IKEA (I recommend the meatballs)……


All the Hype (both Good and Bad) over Yashica has been around the Y35 this year. But it is easy to forget the once might Yashica made some brilliant Cameras. Findlay Dalziel takes us on a tour of the forgotten gem that is the Yashica FX-D over at Kosmofoto.

One Vision

Mark O’Brien over at random camera blog takes us on a one roll tour of Kodak Vision3 50D film. This is one of cine film stock sold by FPP and Mark finds lots to like from this unusual film. Just don’t drop your roll off at any old mini lab due to ECN-2 processing (Mark take you through the DIY solution to this).

Speed Of Light

Wanna test your camera’s shutter speed ? Well this DIY project  by Ethan Moses doesn’t cost too much and might be up your street to see if you baby really does shoot at 1/500. Find out more at Emulsive

Clickin’ Kiev

John Margetts is on a bit of a FSU roll at the mo. This week he reviews the Kiev 35A a soviet era clone of the Minox 35. Comrade it is your duty to visit his blog.

Tinfoil Hack

Got a TLR but find focusing a bit of a chore ? Well Pedro Cardoso shows you how to make things easier over at PetaPixel. With some foil and rubberbands you too can have a rangefinder TLR.

Berggers Banquet

FSC’s Neal Thorley takes the new 120 sized version of Bergger Pancro 400 out for a shoot and muses on it and how to develop it.

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