Apols for slight delay ! This week we jump in to cameras you’ve heard of and one you haven’t. We get a bit of colour from both seaside and long departed street shooter. Plus fancy a pineapple cam ?

Vivian Colour

Most of you will have heard of Vivian Maier. This unassuming French Nanny living in New York who became known worldwide for her iconic B&W street photography  but only after her death. Turns out she shot colour too. Find out more at Petapixel.

Montanus Surprise 

John Margetts introduces us to another camera you’ve never heard of. This time it’s the  Montanus Rocca (no ?  me neither), a West German rangefinder with some quality and some not so quality features.

Doin’ the Brighton Walk

Lomography take a walk to the beach with Brighton based photographer Oliver Curson. Cue some classic British seaside shooting and lush colours.

Mini Me

Jeb Inge at Casual Photphile guides around the Pentax UC-1 (aka Espio Mini) one of the lesser known Elite fixed focal length compacts. Nice camera shame about the price.

Using your loaf

Brendan Barry makes DIY cameras. Nothing odd there except he uses every foodstuffs such as pineapples and breads. See more at I still shoot film.

What’s the story Morning Glory

Mike Connealy heads out for a morning stroll with his Kodak Retina Reflex and some Kentmere 100. A short but sweet post.

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