Superheadz White Slim Angel vs Lomography La Sardinia – Guest Review by Al Mullen

I thought that I would compare these two cameras since they are both newer and have the same wide focal length of 22mm. There are other differences between the two, but you might not want or need to have both. They both have many variations and names for the same camera – for my sake I will refer to them as the ones listed. The White Slim Angel is a copy of the popular Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim.


The White Slim Angel is lighter and I do worry about the rewind spool being strong enough in the long run. I have run 36 exposure rolls through it, but 24 might be better and some films are thicker causing more pressure on it.

The La Sardina is definitely thicker and stronger in those regards, but the first version of this I bought had the  back door latch broken on it and it seems vulnerable to that.


The La Sardina is thicker and easier to hold. The viewfinder is pretty accurate, although you are peeping into a small hole. The film advance requires two hands and the camera strap( there is no camera strap) is on the left side on a D – ring I put into the tripod socket. There is a shutter cable release also. The lens cap is solid and stuck on.

The White Slim Angel is thinner –  perhaps a tad slippery even. The viewfinder isn’t very full at all and you have to guess some to what’s going to be in at the edges. The film advance can just be done with your thumb without looking for faster shooting. There is no lens cap so be careful of the front.

Standard wide shots:


White Slim Angel, good color and sharpness. As a plastic lens it is slow and not for low light, I shoot 400 in all my plastic lensed cameras.


La Sardina, nice wide shot. Certainly a softer more lomo lens.

Flare is typical for plastic lens, White Slim Angel on the top, LaSardina on the bottom. They both have similar heavy vignetting also which to me is fine unless you have to straighten or crop them and cut some of it off which looks odd to me.

The major difference is that the La Sardina can do multiple exposures:


La Sardina does also have a closeup(don’t call it macro) setting:


I have not tried shooting landscapes on the closeup setting to see how it looks yet.


Conclusion: I will say that unless you need a multiple exposure camera I prefer the White Slim Angel, it pretty much wins out in all the categories but that.

5 thoughts on “Superheadz White Slim Angel vs Lomography La Sardinia – Guest Review by Al Mullen”

  1. Won my Sardina in a Lomo competition, so for me wins on price!
    I though the very wide angle lens would be a pain. Actually the opposite.
    Great arm length selfies of two together. Photos on B in a dull castle came out well. Great pics at an outdoor car show with little room to stand back. Even used it at a sporting event, motorcycle trials you can get close.
    Search wahiba with sardina on lomo site to see.

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