The Brownie 110 – Poundland Challenge Camera No 11

This 110 film rarity  has been my been my one successful sale to date in the Poundland camera challenge. This fixed focus rarity already in the Parisien hands of a happy buyer.

Kodak Brownie 110
Kodak Brownie 110

The Brownie 110 is notable as the last Kodak camera made in the UK to bear the Brownie name. This is a basic fixed focus, shutter and aperture model that shoots 110 film. As most of you know the Brownie name is one of the most successful one in film photography with the Box brownies bringing affordable photography to the masses from the 1900 on and launching many film formats including 120 film with the Brownie No 2 and this 1980’s model is basically a simple box too abet for 110 film with no controls other than the shutter.

Kodak Brownie 110  Specs

  • Lens : 25mm
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Film : 110
  • Exposure: Fixed
  • Aperture : f/11
  • Shutter:  1/50
  • EV 100 :  15 ¹
  • Filter : N/A

¹ based on shutter & aperture

According to Chuck Baker on the Brownie-camera website, Kodak were aiming to release an all new anniversary Brownie to match the 100 years since the Kodak Eastman was established based on the Pocket A1. This never materialised but the Kodak Pocket  A1 camera was more simply rebadged as the Brownie. This technically wasn’t the last Kodak camera to carry this name as in Brazil a Kodak Brownie II was made (a more common folding 110 camera based on the Kodak Cross).

Manual thumbwheel advance and ithad a socket for Flipflash bulbs

I’ve no idea how good or bad this is as I agreed not to get cameras with a new film format (this one came as a job lot). But bear in mind the Kodak 35EF which looks simple but is really pretty good.

This camera arrived with as part of 99p (+£8 P&P) job lot and was sold for£1.99 + P&P which is a start in repaying things


  • Vivitar UWS -Classic  still made 35mm fixed everything shooter

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