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10 Nikon Film Bodies that won’t Break the Bank

Ever since Nikon produced the original legandary Nikon F, they have been at the forefront of SLR design. Nikon for years was the dominate player in the SLR professional market and their cameras from the 1970’s have gone beyond earth serving NASA in both the film and digital eras. But whilst sought after bodies can still command a pretty penny you can pick perfectly sevicable but overlooked bodies for peanuts making them a great starter. Here’s my 10 overlooked bargains.

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History Makers – Part 2 – Guest post by filtr film cameras

Like any technology the camera as we now it has changed many times during its life. It’s a process that continues, even among modern digital SLR cameras.

For every feature, function and design point though there was a first time. Here we take a look our first 5 of those important milestone cameras, the ones that made history, and the ones that continue to have a lasting impact on camera design in the 21st century. Continue reading History Makers – Part 2 – Guest post by filtr film cameras

10 total Point and Shoot Cameras of all Time

My recent fling with The Konica C35 AF got me thinking about what true point and shoots (P&S) there out there. By that I mean a P&S where all the user does is hit the shutter button and possibly wind on – there is no need or ability to set any other controls once the camera was loaded.

Goko UF
Goko UF – not in the running per se but a good example of cheap P&S from 1980’s

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Top 10 Plastic-fantastic Cameras

If you like lo-fi photography or want to give it a go at some point you’ll end up with the desire for a plastic lensed beauty. Here’s a list of ten of the best both available new or widely available second hand.

Glasgow Botanics, 2015. Superheadz Wide and Slim (aka VUWS) with Agfaphoto Vista Plus 400

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10 Fixed Focus Wonders

Fixed focus cameras have lasted as long as consumer photography has existed and beyond from the Kodak Brownie launched in the 1890’s right up to date with the still in production clones of the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim. Easy shooters often derided but popular with the public and pre-AF often the choice of the casual snapper.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Taken on Disposable fixed focus Kodak Fun camera (Camera in shot is a fixed focus Olympus XA1)

Over the years we’ve had ones that have no controls right through to fully automatic exposure models. Here’s my thoughts on some Continue reading 10 Fixed Focus Wonders