Olympus Supertrip 1 Roll Review – Poundland Challenge Camera No 15

The Olympus Supertrip sounds pretty ominous. Olympus continued to use the mighty Trip name on a range of P&S camera after the last Trip 35 rolled of the line and they often derided as being poor seconds. So can this fixed focus 35mm flash compact up to its super moniker ?

Olympus Supertrip
Olympus Supertrip 35mm Fixed-focus 80’s compact

Oddly it isn’t all bad on a roll of Agfaphoto Vista Plus 200 (AVP 200). You’d think this camera would be pretty poor with a combination of fixed focus and no real metering but you need to remember that Olympus had a pretty good track record with fixed focus cameras in their PEN series like the EE-2 and this camera does have a 3 element Zuiko lens.

Paul's Whippy
Dumfries 2015. Olympus Supertrip with AVP 200

Olympus Supertrip Specs ¹

  • Lens: Zuiko 35mm 1:4.3
  • Focus:  Fixed
  • Focus range : 1m to ∞
  • Metering:  None
  • Shutter: Unknown *
  • Filter-Thread:  None
  • Batteries : 2 x AAA
  • Film speed: 100, 200, 400 ISO

* probably 1/100-1/250 region      ¹ from manual

The camera in fact is very reminiscent of the Kodak 35EF which was made in Japan (and given similarities one feels maybe were both made by olympus or the same subcontractor) and this perhaps is the model to measure against. as broadly they share the same spec as fixed focus camera with fixed shutter speed aperture only being adjusted by films speed and turning on the manual flash. Both have a low light LED and share the rather angular 80’s design with a sliding lens cover that locks the shutter. Both cameras rely on the fact that most casual users would use C41 negative film which  can tolerate a bit of over and under exposure (not one for E6 then)

On the Nith
Kingholm Quay, 2015. Olympus Supertrip with AVP 200

Unlike the Kodak, the Olympus has 3 versus 2 film speed setting and the flash cleverly adjust for near and distance. Mines came with a manual which was handy to get a sense of settings so we know for certain the recommended focal range is 1m to infinity. Feels a bit more robust too. Olympus don’t give a shutter speed but I’m guessing this is around 1/100-1/250 region.

20's fixed
Dumfries 2015. Olympus Supertrip with AVP 200

I liked the Kodak but it looks like the Olympus wins out. The Kodak did very well at 400 asa but mediocre at 200. With the Olympus 200 asa shots are more crisp on a cheap film like AVP 200. It is a camera for good light shooting but you do have the flash (this  is okay but slow to charge).

Not olympus’s finest moment but actually not that bad for what it is. Interestingly it doesn’t appear on Olympus’s history page. What we do know is that it appear in the UK in around 1986 and had RRP of £50 !! according to the pharmacy shops trade magazine (yup you need to stop moaning at what lomography charge). Luckily you can buy for less than a quid these days.

Why buy

  • Cheap Olympus Zuiko Glass
  • Does a reasonable job for what it is

Why not

  • not much in way of features
  • No metering
  • Naff styling

What I paid and got

  • 99p + P&P (£3.50)
  • Came with manual, strap and case


Other info (for what there is)

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