Konica Pop Review – Guest Review by Al Mullen

The Konica Pop was a 35mm camera made from 1982 to 1984 in this form, with changes coming in 1985 and 1988 to optics and flash. It was well selling, it’s compactness and color variations helped it stand out in that era when most manufacturers had smaller automatic 35mm’s in their lineup.

The Pop was a continuation of the C35/C35EF line,  And was also sold as the C35EFJ.  Unlike the earlier rangefinder and zone focus models, the Pop is fixed focus.

The specs:

• 36mm f4 Hexanon lens, later versions are without the Hexanon      designation.

•ISO settings for 100 and 400, later for 200.

•Pop up flash, a red light in viewfinder indicates low light. This slides and does not pop up automatically.

•2 AA batteries for flash, CDS exposure will operate without them.

•Tripod socket, 42mm filter ring.

There is a closeup flash button to slide on shots within 6 feet to compensate.

The Pop name comes from the flash that pops up, they say it’s supposed to look best with the flash used.

This is with the closeup flash on, it does not make it focus any closer as a reminder.

Although the pop could also be from the color

At f8 for 100 ISO in full sun for farther shots it’s fine

It’s best use is shorter range I feel.

It does have a minimum focusing distance in the 5 feet range, which shows on this photo as the first girl is under that.

all photos with Kodak Ektar 100

Overall feel and handling is fair, it does have a thick body that does help to grip it, but it is slippery and oddly heavy for being plastic. It’s not a toy camera though as the lens is glass. It’s small enough to fit into bigger pockets for a carry around camera and street shooting.

I do recommend it if you can get one cheaper, although I think it does have demand and appeal. I always figured it was one of the few cameras I have that I could resell and break even on.

7 thoughts on “Konica Pop Review – Guest Review by Al Mullen”

  1. Dear sir
    Iwould like to know .the best lenses that possible to work with konica pop c35 ..can I use more than 35mm ,and the stand high to fixed it when I take photos automatically..thanks for all your advise..

    1. The Konica Pop and C35 are two different cameras actually, but they both are fixed lens cameras so they cannot be interchanged. I own both of those and will say the C35 takes a bit sharper photos, but isn’t as fast to use. They both only use 35mm film. You mean do you need a tripod? you would for night photos, but I don’t really recommend this cameras for those shots.

      1. Dear sir
        Thanks,for your reply..you mean it dose not need more lenses zoon..which
        Focaus more distance.

        1. That’s right. You would need an slr or newer camera with a zoom if that’s what you are looking for.

  2. Hi there, I wanted to know if you have used black and white film with this camera? Will the ilford pan100 be good for it or any other?

    1. I have not, mostly because they sort of claimed it was best for color. I’ll have to try some just for the sake of it I suppose. I have not used the pan 100 from Ilford – I have Delta 100. I will say in full sun it should be fine, the Pop does take filters assuming you would want a red 25 for that.

    2. Update, I did shoot a roll of TriX 400 through it this fall – primarily in lower light. It did well, even though F4 isn’t really a landscape aperture.

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