Stocking Up in Stoke – The Return of £1 Film

Oh yes
You can now buy fresh film for a Quid on some high streets once more. Well at least in a retail park in Stoke. But is it actually worth your time?

Scottish half term is here. Just like Bonnie Prince Charlie, Scottish families invade England for a week. That’s before being driven back on our second week off due to Peak prices when the English weans are off.

Golf on A Pier ?
The Glasgae Riveria – captured on AVP200 the old £1 Poundland film

But whilst Blackpool becomes a suburb of Glasgow for a week, we’re heading south. And this led me to have a shufty around the Festival retail park in Stoke.

I’d heard Power Geek film had been discounted to £2.50. As I haven’t seen any rolls in ages I though I’d pick some up. As the film was still on a shelf with a £5 label, I double checked at the till. Even the checkout lady was surprised when the price came in at a Quid. I went back for some more.

So film for a quid is back at least in some poundland stores. I suspect this is stock clearing and I certainly haven’t seen any in stores near me.

But before you rush – consider this. A roll of Fujifilm C200 or Kodak Colorplus with 36 exp costs about £3-4. More expensive but you get as many shots per penny.

Now no great shakes but once you add in processing costs as I explained before Power Geek Film doesn’t look quite the same bargain. And given it is just rebranded C200……

2 thoughts on “Stocking Up in Stoke – The Return of £1 Film”

  1. I have yet to see this film in my local outlets, but happily, I still have bundles of the old Agfa version, now ageing nicely. I have due to lack of funds, moved more towards the lower costs of using a digital camera recently.

    However, I just wanted to say, that if you do your own developing, shorter rolls of film can be quite an advantage, since they don’t get left lying around in a discarded camera quite so readily.

    As such I find myself using my Fujica GL690 for when I fancy something different, it is done in eight shots, and the negs are beautiful, regardless of the content… 🙂

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