A quieter week takes us for a look at the world’s biggest camera, a music festival and some classic vintage gear. We laster wind up marvelling the coast and I pose the question of fairness in kit comparison reviews.

Fair comparison ?

Petapixel features an interesting but flawed comparison between a $80 vintage Porst 50mm 1:1.2 and a modern top of the range $1400 Canon vintage 50mm 1:1.2. Good premise – but is it fair they’re shot on different cameras with what looks like different colour presets ?

Shooting the Green

Simon King heads off to the Green Man festival with just a Leica M4 & a Contax G1 (and a shedload of film. See how he fared over at 35mmc.

All Shook up

A DIY auto-agitation Cap for your development tank ? Lomography picks up on Pablo Zárate’s open source invention the Develophead.

Take Four ?

Jim Grey ponders the merits of his Argus A-Four and whether it should stay or go.

Everything’s Bigger in the US

The true story of arguably the biggest camera (and negative) in the world. What on earth it was used for ? Find out more at Petapixel

K-Mount Workhorse

Kosmophoto take us around the reliable abet noisy Ricoh XR-2 body. And take it from the depths of the oceans to the top of mountains.

Sea Shanty

The Shipwrecked Mariners society ran the Ultimate Seaview of 2018 to raise awareness about Britain’s coastline and those who work on it. Some truly stunning images won.

Driving Miss 120

Kazunari Isshiki decided to go medium format on his take on the iconic US road trip and shows off his images in this interesting interview over at Lomography.

Whot i learnt this week

You can mount and cropped sensor Nikon DX lenses on Nikon film bodies like the F75 (I’m expecting fun lomo vignetting !!!)

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