This week is decidedly camera top heavy with reviews of 2 icon Nikon cameras with a clear link and Rangefinders form around the world. But we’ve some thoughts on what we really should be buying as our camera and we’ve some thoughts on film stocks both old and new.

Titanium Shot

Casual Photophile’s James Tocchio guides through the titanium clad all manual wonder that is the Nikon FM2/T. He describes the joy of this much sough after camera. However he also injects some health realism into a camera that nowadays costs 2-3 times its FM2 series brothers but offers nothing more than that titanium body.

Budget Realism

Kosmophoto argues the case that actually all we need to use are one of those often seen as dull but dependable entry level SLR rather than going chasing a T2 or the latest Elite camera. There some sage advice here.

Mini Expectations Shared

If you’re thinking bout dabbling in 110but not sure what film to get, Lomography a quick run down with examples of their 4 films for the format.

Balda Badass

Over at 35mmc Ethan of Cameradactyl fame introduces us to the quirky Balda Baldessa 1B the rangefinder big sister of the Baldessa LF that I reviewed back in 2016. This a much more competent beast if you’re a fan of 60’s West German engneering.

Flash in the Eye

Kikie Wilkin takes on a grand tour of the Flash version of the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye over at This a great review of the camera and covers how to use this 620 roll film camera with 120 in quite some detail.

Should it S2 or should it go ?

Jim Grey at Down the Road has made the decision to clear some cameras out. But what should stay and what should go ? This week he contemplates the merits and pitfalls of the Konica Auto S2. This was a predecessor of the legendary C35 series . But does the S2 stay or go for Jim ?

The F word

Broken Camera Club return from their festive break with a quick review of arguably the most iconic SLR cameras ever made the Nikon F.

Back in not Black

Random camera blog does a quick take on the new Kodak Ektachrome E100 with some helpful thoughts and example shots.

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