We’re a bit camera review heavy this month but that’s no bad thing. We go from one of the first 35mm cameras to one that isn’t even on the market to an over looked, end of the line number. But we also manage to squeeze in a serious scam warning, some ideas for shooting slide and possibly the weirdest accessory you’ve ever seen.

Back To Basics

Hamish Gill at 35mmc gets his hands on a Leica Standard (aka Leica E) an 1932 early viewfinder Leica that used the Leitz standard thread mount. It’s an immediate descendant of the Leica 0 and as such is one of the first 35mm cameras and Hamish loved it’s stripped back feel

Dactyl what you’re looking for ?

Remember Cameradactyl, the all plastic kickstarter large format bellows camera ? Well Ethan Moses they guy behind that drops into to introduce his newest project the Cameradactyl OG 4×5. This is a hand held large format camera made as usual in plastic. It’s a Bring your own lens affair !

Scam not so tastic

Petapixel rightly draws your attention to a fairly sneaky scam that’s has successfully caught out dozens of photographers and left them heavily out of pocket. Find out more and let’s be safe out there !

Barcode Weirdness

You might recall I featured Shaun Nelson of Utah Film Photography’s review of the Canon EOS 10S last week. Well he’s back with the madness that is the barcode reader that you can use to load presets into the camera ! Possibly the weirdest camera accessory in history.

Filtering Reversal

Over at I shoot film on Flickr there’s been a bit of discussion about what filters are a good match for using with Ektachrome and other E-6 films. Tune in, drop out and join the discussion

Last of the Line

Canon’s move to the EF mount spelt the end of the the long running and much loved FD mount series. Whilst cameras like the AE1 are much prized some models are overlooked including the Cosina made Canon T60. This was the last Canon model made for the FD mount. But as Random camera Blog discovers there’s a lot to like.

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