We manage to cover a range of compacts from the rare to the broken, alongside a legendary but flawed lens. We also go pinholing and making our prints live for centuries.

Platinum Quality

Want a print that will last a thousand years ? Well turns out you can and PetaPixel picks up Tyler Sheilds getting one of his shot literally immortalised.

Fast Mixed Bag

In the first of our to visist to Casual Photophile this week, Josh takes a look at the vintage Nikkor 55mm 1:1.2. Fast it may be and a potential great art lens but Josh isn’t convinced

Prego Break

Hamish over at 35mmc takes out a Rollei Prego AF compact in more ways than one. Cue some typically insightful musings about this rarely seen compact (which he’s now managed to break 2 of them !)

Bottom of the Drawer classic

Charlotte Davis finds her parents Olympus XA4 tucked away at the bottom of the kitchen draw and gets out to shoot it. This casual photophile post is a rare review from arguably the rarest XA series cameras.

Pinhole Wizard

Emulsive manage to drag Elvis Halilović away from the ONDU latest Kickstarter project to give us the low down on this excit company’s history and plans


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