This week we’ve  atruely big beast, a camera to slow down with and yet another fun trashcam. There’s new film, new Instax Kickstarters, Agfa Compacts  and a trip backstage with Bowie  to enjoy.

New Kid on The Platz

Lomography are launching a new B&W film called Berlin Kino based on a German cine film emulsion

Instant Retro

2018 has kinda been the year of the instax Kickstarter. We’ve had Jolllylook finally arrived and I’m waiting on my Lomography Diana Square. You can still jump on the bandwagon if your quick with the lovely retro styled Escura which PetaPixel picks up on

Slow down and breath

Broken Camera.Club has this lovely piece about the Nikon S, film photography equivalent of the slow food movements. But if you take the time your patience will be rewarded

Optima Prime ?

Over at 35mmc, Hamish ponders the pros and the cons of the Agfa Optima 1035 and picks  a little know link to another better known and bigger format camera.

Serious Moonlight Shooting

Rock Photographer Denis O’Regan  managed to shoot 10,000+ shots when he joined David Bowie for his world tour in 1983. He lets the BBC take a glance

Big in Japan

Emulsive’s Steve Walton introduces to a behemoth in more ways than one – the Fujifilm Panoram GX617. A massive but accomplished beast that literally eats film (just 4 shots a roll).

Franka de Knock off

Another day another colour optical lens camera. Lomography show us around the Franka NX-40, not a camera by the legendary German mark, but oh so much more familiar lo-fi


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