We’ve sneezing stags, Bond’s favorite shooter and a camera made of driftwood to enjoy in this week’s brief look back. Also some vintage images, Celebs, some expired film and an answer to the age old question what did I load ?

Hot Shoe Shuffle

PetaPixel picks up on Guy Sie’s crafty solution to the age old question of what film did I load ? The answer dear reader is he 3d printed a tag to slide into his hotshoe.

Buck Shot

The BBC pick up on 19 y.o. student Oban van Schie’s incredibly lucky shot of an albino stag sneezing. Done on vintage gear too !!

The Spy who compacted us

One for Q here. James “Shaken not stirred” Tacchio over at Casual Photophile has a fantastic guide to the minox B, the so called spy camera made famous in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service . A great guide to this camera, its history and how to shoot it in 2018.

Solaris 7

Colton Allen shares his experience of shooting expired Ferrania Solaris 200 on his Canon 7 rangefinder. A nice example of using this film over at FSC.

Beachcomber Pinhole

On 35mmc, Amy Davis treats us to her Sergey Lebedev made pinhole camera or is that work of art ? A beautiful camera made from driftwood and other flotsam.

Photographic Impressionism

Meanwhile Lomography bring us a brief glimpse of the work of the pioneering & experimental Heinrich Kühn a forgotten star of the Pictorialism movement from the early years of the 20th century.

One night at Finsbury Park

The BBC take a look at how some lucky aligning of events led Derek Ridges down the path to become the celebrated celebrity and culture photographer. And it all started with Eric Clapton….



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