Pound Film No More – Poundland drops Agfaphoto Vista Plus 200

As my Pound-o-nomics post hinted, it is now confirmed that Poundland have discontinued stocking AVP200. Boots now becomes the sole UK film stockist to be found in Cities and most Towns.

Berry Bokeh
Canon Sure Shot Megazoom 105 Caption (aka Prima Zoom 105 Caption) with Agfaphoto Vista Plus 200.

Sad news but not unexpected.
Incredibly cheap to buy for many years, it looks like global inflationary pressures have simply just caught up. However Poundland’s ability to be able to sell it for a quid  for the past 5 years has been amazing (I can still remember picking up a Fujifilm C200 triple pack in 2014 in a supermarket for around £7 before I realised it was the same thing).

With rumours floating around I emailed Poundland. So like many of us  I’d hope to get the usual no it isn’t discontinued/re-stocking issues -hope to sort soon/it’s Xmas will restock in New Year etc. But sadly I got this

JUN 24, 2017 | 11:07AM BST
Kelly replied:
Dear Alan,
Thank you for your email.
I am afraid we have discontinued the AGFA Vista Film, I am afraid that this item is no longer available in our warehouse and we have no future orders placed.
I appreciate this may be disappointing and can assure you our buyers will endeavour to bring similar products to our customer in the future.
Kind Regards
Customer Relations

Poundland Ltd – Registered in England & Wales, number 2495645
Registered office:
Wellmans Road, Willenhall, West Midlands. WV13 2QT

Ouch !
Well that’s pretty clear. It is hard to see how they will find a new stock of film at that price. Cheap stock to buy from recently defunct companies is no longer an option (and  Lomography would probably nab it first) and it is unlikely to 2 current C-41 colour negative producers Kodak and Fujifilm would be able to make a film cheap enough. However bear in mind as my Pound-o-nomic article discussed £1  AVP200 may have actually been a false economy once you factored in processing.

However C200 lives on both in Fujifilm branded guise. The Fujifilm branded version has the upper hand at the moment – most likely due to the fact that Fujifilm have dropped Superia 200 in the UK .

Options for the Future

In fact  C200 remains probably the cheapest film to buy at the moment abet in Fujifilm branding. With the likes of Amazon selling it for £15.95 for 6×36 exp (aka £2.52 a roll) at the time of writing. Hot on its heels is Kodak’s cheapie color Plus 200 and Lomography’s 100CN is a wee bit more. Oddly Boots website now lists Lomography 400CN as the cheapest High street film at just under £6 a roll on their pricing (but if you buy 2 3 packs that falls to less than £4.50/roll)

So those of you who like AVP200/C200 time to raid the remaining poundland stocks. However don’t panic as Fujifilm seems committed to C200 for the foreseeable future.



9 thoughts on “Pound Film No More – Poundland drops Agfaphoto Vista Plus 200”

  1. Literally spent the day running round to the four Poundlands in Brighton with no luck.

    I have little experience with film and only ever bought two rolls that have now expired (dunno how that will affect what’s on them) that I haven’t gotten developed.

    Shooting on film seems like a rather pricey hobby but those rolls from Poundland seemed like a good entry point. That said my Minolta X-300 has become a paperweight due to its capacotor issue and a broken circuit board. I only have a Petri Micro Compact to work with now but it is fun.

    Might have to just stick with Digital + Manual lenses going forward.

    1. Nick don’t give up. You can still get cheap film easy enough (the amazon 6pack of C200 is a good example). As I’ve said once you add in processing costs these often work out cheaper than using Poundland film as they’re 36exp not 24.

      Trust me you’ll learn to compose and shoot better for both film and digital if you keep using film

  2. One of my UK blog readers and I (in the US) were chatting in comments a couple months ago about this film, and I wished aloud I could get some, and he said, “Hey, I could ship you some. You pay for the film and shipping, and it still going to be cheaper than Fujicolor 200 in the US.” Glory be, he was right. I have 24 rolls of the stuff in my freezer now. Just in the nick of time.

    1. Good move Jim. Many of us have small stockpiles in the UK following earlier false scares. I’ve about 30 roll in cupboard and will sweep my local shops soon

      1. Don’t bother trying the Poundland in Carlisle, they’re all out!

        That being said, I’ve treated myself to some hand rolled ORWO UN54 to cheer myself up!

        1. Thanks William. I’d not noticed any in Scotch st on my last few trip throughs. I’m only down ever few weeks but was planning on dropping in on Saturday. You’ve saved me a trip

  3. Good job I have around a 100 rolls then as I have been stocking up over a few years. Should keep me going for awhile as I tend to use B/W more than color. I can get 10 rolls of Fomapan 100 35mm/36s for about £30 at my local camera shop in Falmouth.

    1. Ooh, do they deliver within the UK? I’m thinking of trying to get into home developing and everyone says B&W is the best place to start… don’t know how I’ll be able to scan them if I’m successful though 😉

  4. If you bulk load Fomapan 100 it works out about £1.70 per 36 exposure roll from the cheapest suppliers.

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