Photography Through The Pandemic Kickstarter Ending soon

Whatever your views, the last 2 years have been pretty terrible by anyone’s measure. Photography through the Pandemic photobook brings together 50 photographers from around the world to document their take on the pandemic. And time is running out if you want to back this project. And here’s why you should.

Ironically I’m finishing this post in isolation myself having tested positive for COVID a few days ago. Touchwood I’m asymptomatic as I type and have been triple vaccinated ( I shudder to think how i would have been if I caught it 12 months ago pre vaccination).

Photography through the Pandemic  Dust cover
With Kind thanks for image to Hamish Gill

So What’s it about ?

The Pandemic has been the global event that has shaped all of our lives over the last 2 years. The impact has varied from person to person and place to place. The book aims to bring together the different experiences of analogue photographers to capture their take on on what’s been happening and their experience in these difficult times .

There’s a range of diverse experiences and backgrounds here, essentially documenting a range of experiences in a range of places . And with a vast range of approaches

The press release quote below sums things up nicely

“But this book isn’t just about photography, it is about shared experience, the different ways we as humans respond to crises, and how we learn to cope in our own individual ways. It is also about the power of creativity as a coping mechanism and could perhaps even be seen as an important document that – through words and pictures – captures a moment in human history that won’t, or at very least shouldn’t be forgotten for decades to come.”

Photography Through The Pandemic
Photography through the Pandemic sample image of inside book
With Kind thanks for image to Hamish Gill

It’s not you and your Mates is it – Not sure wanna see more lamposts ?

Cheek !!! – you been talking to my kids

I’m not in this one and the cast list is diverse. You’ll likely know some of the 49 photographers listed.

Wet Collidon Self portrait by Shane Balkowitsch, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

So you get famous names like Shane Balkowitsch, the legendary wet photographer. His portfolio is massive and perhaps best known for his work with Native Americans and with Greta Thunberg. That latter work has graced the cover of Nat Geographic and included in the Library of the congress. Other award winning photographers like Markus Hofstätter and a host of professional photogs are involved

But here’s also well know folk from the photo community such as my fellow bloggers Alyssa Chiarello of Aly’s Vintage Camera Alley and Peggy Marsh of Camera Go Camera.. That’s as well as some everyday shooters from around the world.

Photography through the Pandemic sample image of inside book
With Kind thanks for image to Hamish Gill

Hang on you said 50 Photogs ?

The 50th Photog is John Whitmore, a well known UK based photographer. Better known to many online as thedarkshed and as a contributor to the Sunny 16 podcast. Sadly John died suddenly last month after the book was launched.

So the team behind the book decided to dedicate the book to John, with his family’s permission include his work as the 50th Photog. Also profits from the book will now be split between a trust fund set up for John’s young daughter and charities that John supported in his lifetime.

“John was a lovely bloke, with a lovely family. I know many of us who knew him, and even a lot of people who had just met him through social media are really shocked and devastated by the news. I met John and his family a few times, and this has left me with a feeling I know many people in the community share – we want to do something to help Anne-Marie and Harriet.”

Hamish Gill

So Who’s behind the book ?

The book was the brain child of Holly Gilman. She’s a freelance photog from the UK whom some of you would have seen speaking online at the Photography show back in September. Now she got curious how
photographers from the analogue photography community dealt with all that came with the restrictions and social isolation. Did their art help them deal with their response or did they feel creatively, challenged and stifled?

So She teamed up with Hamish Gill from 35mmc who provided the contacts from around the world.

But I’m with Piers, this thing is all a Government/illuminati/Bill Gates/Big Pharma/Alien* conspiracy . Can I still buy this ?

Because buying this does mean you have to change or go against your world view. What ever your views the last 2 years have been very difficult even if you’ve spent your time arguing with Walmart employees about mask wearing. This is just people’s personal experiences with no agendas.

So getting this doesn’t mean you’re inviting Bill Gates for Christmas or signing up to be vaccinated. Shame, as I believe Bill brings rather good mince pies…

Do I have still time to get this then and where do I get it ?

With Kind thanks for image to Hamish Gill

At the time of typing , the Kickstarter is just sitting under target and runs up to Christmas. And the book costs £25 before postage and is not bad for a hardbacked book.

The Kickstarter can be found here.

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