Thursday Night Reading Room – News & Things you might have missed (Week 2: 3rd-9th Aug)


Apols a bit slow to post this due to family party. But here’s my quick look back at news & things that have been posted or I’ve learnt of in the last 7 days.

Salted Shots
New exhibition opens in Connecticut featuring rarely seen photos from the mid 1800’s using the Salted Paper print technique. The BBC take a short video tour.

Autopak-ing it in ?
Regular commentor her Jim Grey muses on if hsi Minolta Pocket Autopak 470 should stay or go. Read his decision on his Down the Road blog which gives a health insight into the joys and pains  of 110 photography.

EU backing photographer rights
The Eureopen Courts of Justice have added to international debate about the rights of a photographer v fair use for web published images. This time the court came down on the side of the photographer after he found an image he agreed to be used on one website ended up being used on a school website.

Auto – Matic
Nifty review and community shots taken on the Minolta Hi-Matic 2 over at

Random camera’s comprehensive review and specs of the original Nikon F including some handy pointers if you try one of these grand dames of pro photography.

Acros the light
Fujifilm Acros 100 is a beloved by many 100ISO B&W film but its future is uncertain. Alex Luyckx looks back at this film and how he develops it.

Something for the weekend ?
Kosmophoto bring us the Octopus weekender part camera, part clock, part radio, part storage bin. A weirdly enaging 1980’s camera that looks like a raido. All this decades before the iPhone…

Return of the ISO
The exposure triange explained with the aid of Lego Star Wars.

Good to know

The Diana F+ uses a 50mm (int diameter) push on lens cap. As do at least  some original Diana camera clones (okay that’s based on my Samtoy version). Cheaply available on eBay from China but you’ll need to wait a week or so



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