Eight very different news and blog stories this week. We’ve a new camera, new films and new DIY periscopes !! We also look back at some vintage film and cameras too spanning from the USSR to NY and Europe.

Honey I’m Home

Ektachrome is finally back !

Another 10

Shutterbug earlier this year made a list of 20 cameras they regard as the greatest. This is a 10 more they think are worth (both film and digital). What do you think of these and the original top 20 ?

Nikon Tikka Kiev

Lomography introduce us to the Kiev 19M, a late 80’s USSR SLR that has a nikon F mount.

New Fuji on the Block ?

So it seems there’s a new Fujifilm 35mm film !  Don’t get too excited as it’s not actually new. Join Ludwig Hagelstein  over at Emulsive as he explores how you can use  Fujifilm HR-10.  It’s not without its challanges but the results are worth it from this unperforated film intended for microfilm.


Shaun Nelson from Utah Film Photography takes a trip to the big apple with Olympus’s might but tiny XA rangefinder,

Street Disposal

Bellamy at Japan Camera Hunter launches a disposable camera loaded with StreetPan.

Hard to be Precisa

Kosmo Foto mulls over Agfa CT100 Precisa from its made by Agfa days to the latter rebadged Fuji days in this once commonly seen E-6 name that still pops up

Up Periscope !

Wanna shoot underwater but can’t get or afford a housing for your camera ? Well you can now make a DIY periscope for about $10. Read more at Petapixel.

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