This month we run with changes over at Flickr and the release of Warhol’s photo collection online. We’ll also sign up with the RVS for some wartime shots and look at when to use Kodak’s finest. And someone sticks an intax on a drone and your chance to share and give.

Walk on the Wild Side

Stanford university have basically put their collection of 130,000 of Andy Warhol’s 35mm shots on line browse-able in contact sheet and negative set form. A quite intimate collection documented the last 10 years of his life from the mundane to celeb driven parties.

There goes the (free) neighbourhood

Petapixel runs with news that Flickr is about to limit non pro-members to just 1,000 photos and will start deleting shots from users accounts next year if they exceed this.

Kodak Cookery

Josh Solomon at Casual Photophile takes us through when to get the best out of the currently available Kodak Films

Secret Santa Time

Emulsive’s now annual secret Santa has kicked off with a few twists this year. The core idea is you sign up and you send at least $20USD of film related gear to who ever you draw and your secret Santa sends you the same. Over 780 folk took part last year and over 1000 from over 40 countries have signed up already. But don’t delay, entry closes on the 5th

Droning on

Betcha you thought using drones and cameras were for the digital bunnies ? Well as this post on PetaPixel shows it might be possible to fly Analogue and Instax.

Girls on Film

The Royal Voluntary Service launches a historical photo exhibition in London at the Oxo Galleries this week. The BBC take a sneak peak. Cue lots of nice war time B&W shots.

Pushing the Chrome

Emulsive uses up some New Ektachrome for you to see how it copes being pushed from box up to 800 ISO.



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