Apols for the delay but a busy week and a ceratain crap but not so crap digital got in the way of this. Let’s have a look at some great cameras from the past some known and some not so well known and a film that arrived in the darkest of days and went to the moon and is just coming back right through to a Rock Star who wants to do your D&P. We’ll also snatch a glimpse of Eastern Europe before WWII and check your vision.

Colour Me simple

Jake Hicks raised the issue of colour blindness , how good our colour vision is and the impact on our photos, in his post at Petapixel. There’s a link to a quick test too.

Vishniac Vision

The Beeb pick up on a new exhibition of the work of Roman Vishniac and his work  fom the interwar years and beyond. Much of his work Focused on the Eastern European Jewish Communities and during WWII the Jewish Communities in the US.

(Not) winding down the Road

Meanwhile at Casual Photophile, Jeb Inge takes us down the pros and cons of the Praktica MTL5b and finds a great simple SLR marred by one mule of a winder mechanism.

To the Moon and Back

Emulsive remind us that the newly revived Ektachrome has a history that dates back to WWII and trips to the moon.

Rock Star D&P

PetaPixel carries the news that former White Stripes’s frontman Jack White has launched a new Photolab based at his nashville Studio. So if you wann have your films get that rock star treatment you now have a chance.


John Margetts introduces us to the mouthful that is the Franka Super-Frankarette  a 1950’s rangefinder with a great lens.

Norita no cry

Lomography introduce us to yet another medium format SLR you’ve never heard of (they’ve form here) with the Graflex Norita. A little rare and long forgotten gem just might be up your street if you can find one.

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