Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom Review – Poundland Challenge Camera No 7

1p for a modern classic P&S camera ? Well this just shows you what a good deal you can get Cameras for on eBay (and also a timely reminder never to start an auction for less than 99p). This mid 90’s AF compact is a good example of Canon’s skill of making decent P&S  camera

Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom
Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom. 35mm AF zoom compact from 1995

Launched in 1995, this was a typical example of the highly successful Sure Shot series and was also sold as the Canon Autoboy Juno in Japan & Prima Zoom Shot in the rest of the E.U. It is a solid performer like the AF-7S that I’ve already reviewed but benefits from a zoom lens. Plastic bodied but not too large.  A Data back version was available.

Light Detail
Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom with Kodak BW400CN

The Ai-AF is an active 5 point focus system. The camera is turned on and switched between modes by a selector dial on the rear. The selector allows you to switch between auto, auto red-eye, force flash and flash off modes as well as set the timer (with auto flash). This does feel a bit dated compared to models like the Pentax Espio AF Zoom that had push button controls but at least you are certain to what you’ve set things to. The camera does have a LCD counter and battery display The only remaining controls are a rocker switch for the zoom and the shutter button. An emergency rewind button is on the base by the off centre tripod point

Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom  Specs

  • Lens:  38-60mm 1:4.5-6.7
  • Focus : Active AF
  • Focus : 0.6m to ∞
  • Aperture:  f/4.5-16 (38mm)*
  • DX Coding: 25-3200 ISO
  • Shutter:  2sec-1/500
  • EV 100 :  3.4-17 (38mm)*¹
  • Exposure: Auto
  • Battery : 1 x CR123A

*at 60mm f/6.7-18, max shutter 1/400 EV 100 17 4.7-17            ¹ with Flash forced off

Carlisle 2015. Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom with Agfaphoto Vista Plus 200

And it is a pretty good performer. The viewfinder moves with the zoom and is well marked with focusing lines and focus target point. Half depress the shutter and it focuses and the a green light will appear (blinks if low light). You can keep the focus locked if you need to adjust composition. Focus is pretty good and accurate and works well as does exposure which has a pretty wide range. This camera has a pretty advance DX coding range but like most modern compacts no way of adjusting the exposure directly if wanting to stop up or down.  The zoom is pretty noisy and a bit slow compared to 21st century compacts but no different to others from its era.

Crocked light
Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom with Agfaphoto Vista Plus 200

The 6 Elements in 6 Groups lens is the biggest zoom  but for shots it isn’t bad. I think the AF-7S is marginally sharper at mid distance but there isn’t much in it at close and the 60 Zoom is certainly better at longer distance. There doesn’t seem to be much barrel distortion at both ends of the zoom range

Zoom Comparison for Canon Sure Shot 60
Comparison shoots at 38 mm & 60mm for Canon Sure Shot 60

The timer mode is interesting. In low light it triggers flash in a slow synchronization mode (effectively slowing shutter to catch background light as well as triggering flash with a small aperture). The Flash is pretty typical at GN 10.7 (100 ISO in metres)  and therefore best kept for shooting a few metres away

Flash shot with Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom
Flash shot with Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom with Kodak BW400CN

My main problem with the 60 Zoom wasn’t the camera, it was the arrival of a Pentax Espio AF Zoom a few days later in a Job lot. Although the 2 cameras have similar spec and the Espio dates from 3 year earlier it is a much more classy camera with just as good if not better.

On the rails again
Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom with Kodak BW400CN

Why Buy

  • Good all rounder
  • Good EV range
  • Massive DX coding

Why not

  • Good but not Great
  • Dial setting not for all
  • Dull styling
  • Titchty zoom

What I paid, got & sold for

  • 1p plus £3.49 postage
  • Came with Original case and a strap
  • Back to auction


  • Pentax Espio AF Zoom – classic styled zoom compact
  • Olympus Superzoom 80G – small zoom 21st century compact

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    1. Hi Terry

      Don’t have this camera now & can’t remember but the link for manual is still active and should answer your query

    2. Hi Terry
      Viewed from the rear it is a door on the right corner which shares a common hinge pin with the film door.
      Battery is a CR123A

    1. C’est une bonne question. Je vis au UK et en dehors des villes le seul choix sur la rue principale est “Boots”. J’achète une loy de bons vendeurs sur eBay, Amazon et les fournisseurs de photos en ligne. Cette liste pourrait vous être utile pour la France.

      I apologise if that’s wonky and if my French is off. What I said was

      That’s a good question. I live in the UK and outwith Cities the only choice on the high street is “Boots”. I buy a loy from good sellers on eBay,Amazon and online photo suppliers. This list might be of help for you for France.

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