Canon Sure Shot AF-7S Review : Poundland Challenge Camera 4

The Canon’s Sure Shot AF-7s (aka Sure shot Owl PF or Prima AF-9S) was launched at the turn of the century. It is essentially like a restyled version of the 1997 Sure Shot AF-7/Sure Shot Owl and carried on the characteristic large viewfinder (hence sold under the Owl name in the US). Mines arrived with a case and batteries (thankfully not corroded)

Canon Sure Shot AF-7s
Canon Sure Shot AF-7s

The Last
The Last 2015. Canon Sure shot AF-7s with Ilford XP2

The camera is pretty typical  non zoom AF compact from the turn of the century. It has  a plastic body with glass lens and is a bit bulky. It’s a bit like an early IXUS series APS camera on steroids.

The camera is pretty simple in controls a slide switch opens lens and there is a big shutter button both good for little folk (aka kids) and people with big hands. There are 2 smaller buttons – one for the timer and one to cycle flash modes (auto, force on and force off) that are recessed as is a smaller mid roll rewind button which is well positioned and almost impossible to set off accidentally. There appears to be a date back model as well.

Canon Sure Shot AF-7S  Specs

  • Lens:  35mm 1:3.8
  • Focus : Active Autofocus
  • Focus : 0.8 to ∞
  • Exposure: Programmed Auto
  • Aperture:  f/3.8-11
  • Shutter: 1/45-1/160sec
  • EV 100 :  10-15
  • Batteries : 2 x AA
  • DX : 100/200 & 400asa
  • Filter-Thread:N/A
Owner's Risk
Moffat 2015, .Canon Sure shot AF-7s with Ilford XP2

I can’t find much in the way of precise details about the lens construction. The older AF-7 had a 3 element in 3 group set up with 3 point AF and I suspect this is much the same. The spec beyond is pretty rubbish with a smallest aperture of f/11 and fastest shutter of 1/160 you might want to be careful about picking 400 ASA if you’re off to the beach. You don’t really have much choice as the camera is essentially that irritating 2 film speeds only common on entry-level cameras (ignore the 200 ASA bit, they’re just relying on latitude covering for shooting on 100 ASA settings)

Clean it Up
Gretna. Canon Sure shot AF-7s with Ilford XP2

I did originally think the AF was knackered with this cameras it is pretty silent but I was pleasantly surprised to find shots were actually okay on a roll of 400 ASA C41 B&W. It is was a reasonable shooter within its limitation. Shots were generally well exposed and focus was accurate on all bar 2 shots on the roll (probably off due to me). Focus was best on close at short or mid range but a bit soft at distance (still better than the Olympus Superzoom 80S).

Why Buy

  • It’s a Canon
  • Quirky styling
  • Uses AA batteries

Why not

  • Rubbish exposure range
  • Quirky styling & Bulky
  • Non zoom

What I paid, got & sold for

  • 99p plus £2.80 postage
  • Came with Hanimex case and fresh batteries
  • Awaiting sale
whaurs the hall
Rigg 2015. Canon Sure shot AF-7s with Ilford XP2

Could I recommend this camera ?
It’s quirky and sets a reasonable standard for an entry-level AF P&S. It is a bit bulky mind but if you want and easy to hold camera for fun shooting to give to your kids or an elderly relative with arthritis and big hands who just wants to take snaps it may be perfect. I warmed to it but it is limited (no more than any other entry-level AF compact). Want a compact fun but good shooter get a Olympus XA2 or LC-A or if AF is your bag try its big brother the Canon Sure shot 60.


  • Canon Sure shot 60 – More able  Canon zoom shooter from 1995
  • Olympus XA2 – More compact zone/fixed focus number

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