Poundland Challenge Update #1

The Poundland Challenge proved to be so tempting that not surprisingly I haven’t been able to keep it to just one camera a month.

Halina Speedy 33
Halina Speedy 33 the first Poundland challenge camera to arrive

The following have already arrived or are in transit

  • Halina Speedy 33 – fixed focus MD  fun from the 1980’s – 99p
  • Olympus Superzoom 80S – One of the last film cameras ever made by Olympus – 99p & mint
  • Hanimex 35 KAS – AF non zoom number from the 80’s with case – 99p
  • Canon Sureshot AF 7S – Big viewfinderAF from 90’s – 99p
  • Hanimex 35 DL – Dual lens madness from the 80’s – 99p
  •  Canon Sureshot 60 – 80’s AF zoom with case – 1p !!!
  • Minolta AF-EII (awaited) – 80’s non zoom AF- 99p

Most have been pretty good (the Olympus is mint). Worryingly the number that have arrived with batteries in situ. The Hanimex had both leaked badly with 35 DL batteries actually falling to bits and more frosting than you see on a cupcake (weirdly it seems to have fared better than the KAS). The 35 KAS I suspect is totally munted although does show signs of life but otherwise all seem to work. Everything to date has come from eBay with reasonable (£2.80-3.50 postage)

It’s also worth noting the ones I’ve just missed (and really just missed- usually sniped in closing seconds). There have been more but things have got a bit more heated (e.g. another espio went for £2.95 with 4 bids and a XA went for over £40). I kick myself regarding the Ricoh’s as actually I could have bid up to £2

  • Mamiya 4b – Classic 35 1960’s Rangefinder – sold £1.20
  • Arti-Six – 1950’s British Bakelite 120 film viewfinder – sold £1.20
  • Ricoh RW-1 & FF-9 – Two AF numbers from Ricoh – sold £1.20
  • Pentax Espio 135M – Pentax AF zoom number  – Sold £1.20
  • Minolta Riva Zoom Pico – A Minolta zoom compact – Sold £1.20
  • Yashica Mat – Classic TLR – Sold £45 (okay 6 bids in end but held at a £1 for a few days)

What is clear is that it has been relatively easy to pick up cameras particularly 1980’s to 21st Century compacts. I’ve also watched a few auctions with several cameras for sale not selling for even 99p. Even more vintage cameras like the Arti Six or Mamiya 4b just outstretched me. I’ve also witnessed things like an SLR with lens go for 99p. I’m now trying to get either more vintage numbers, a nikon/pentax K compatible SLR body or the really holy grail – a working SLR with Lens. However I might just take a punt on one of these 5+ for 99p auctions…..

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